Monday, January 25, 2010

Lets Contribute To Merdeka Endowment Fund

Mr. Baharuddin represent for vice chancellor. Our VC on his duty at Japan until 1st February.

Assalamualaikum wbt and good evening..

Day-to-day election campaign for student representatives is quite tiring. I have just finished managing the preparation of posters and flyers for the next day campaign. Later I asked to give a speech to students of sports science at faculty of education.

Though somewhat tiring, but in order to fight for the welfare of students, I allow this fatigue. With the support and encouragement friends, I will ensure that all my manifesto to be implemented as soon as possible if I am being elected for MPPUTM' seat.

Nothing is more pleasing in this day than receiving calls from personal assistant of vice chancellor, Mr Baharuddin, asked me to come to his office. Arrived there, he’s giving me a letter of appreciation from the vice-chancellor, Prof. Dato' Dr. Ir. Zaini bin Ujang as an appreciation in my small contribution to the UTM’s Merdeka Endowment Fund.

Vice-Chancellor hoped that I could invite more students to contribute to this fund. Merdeka Endowment Fund was established to collect donations from various parties, especially the UTM graduates. Expected revenue contribution can be used to accelerate the academic activities and develop knowledge cultural in UTM.

The amount of contributions is does not the matter, even as small as RM10, thats already more than enough. Because what we need is the contribution. But it is better if it could be the new culture among UTM' students and their staff. For the international university just like Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge, endowment contribute up to 30% of their annual income.

In addition these funds were also can be used to develop eco tourism environment planned by UTM. I hope more students can contribute to this fund and elected representatives in this coming election can lead an effort to enhance the contribution to Merdeka Endowment Fund.

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